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Xiao Guang Feng Tai Brand Chang Chun Yao Chiew

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Xiao Guang Feng Tai Brand Chang Chun Yao Chiew
For more than one century Chang Chun Yao Chiew is one kind of Chinese Medicinal Wine which has enjoyed a high reputation for the saying that “What other benefits does Chang Chun offer? Drinking Changchun regularly will keep you young always!” by all walks of life both at home and abroad.


Chang Chun Yao Chiew is a genuine old brand product originated in 1851 it is honored as one of “the Eight Famous Medicinal Wines in China”. Since early times it has been accompanying Chanshan people who have been working hard around the world with the warmhearted feeling.


As mentioned Shantou Chang Chun Yao Chiew there has an old affecting legendary story. The elderly person who called Xiao Xianggu was the founder of Chang Chun Yao Chiew. The ancestors of Xiao&rsquos family were officials appointed by the imperial government. Once one of them obtained a secret recipe for a medicated wine from a poor and sick old monk as a repay of his help to the monk. Later on Mr. Xiao Xianggu returned to the Chaoshan area to do something beneficial to the local people he set up a wine distillery to make the medicinal wine with the secret recipe and named the medicated wine as “Chang Chun Yao Chiew” for its strong effects on keeping people youth and long life.


With the unique formulae and advanced technologies Xiao Guang Feng Tai Chang Chun Yao Chiew is manufactured strictly according to the secret recipe for generations by finely selecting rare medicinal materials. It becomes the preference by most consumers with its consist quality and remarkable effects. 



Main Ingredients: High-grade Kaoliang spirit and rare traditional Chinese medicines

Health Protection Functions: Benefiting kidneys strengthening sperm alleviating rheumatism strengthening bones and muscles activating the flow of qi and blood for getting weak of kidneys lumbago spermatorrhea rheumatism and relieving the pain of the bone getting weak of the qi and blood.

Direction and dosage: Orally take 30-50ml. each time twice or thrice daily.

Contra-indication: Not suitable for children pregnant women liver sufferers and hypersensitivity from alcohol.


39 °: 500ml / bottle   12 bottles / carton  (gross weight approx.: 11.47kg/carton)
39° : 620ml / bottle   12 bottles/ carton   (gross weight approx.: 30kg/carton)
52° : 620ml / bottle   12 bottles/ carton   (gross weight approx.: 30kg/carton)
43° : 125ml / bottle   24 bottles/ carton   (gross weight approx.: 7kg/carton)

Measurement of carton:

39°500ml:  32.5 * 24.6 * 28.8 cm
39°620ml:  54  *  36  *  32  cm
52°620ml:  54  *  36  *  32  cm
43°125ml:  32.5  * 23.5 * 15  cm

Storage: Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a cool dry and clean place.

Xiao Guang Feng Tai Brand Chang Chun Yao Chiew
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