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Great Impression Brand Gingko Tea

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Great Impression Brand Gingko Tea has the therapeutic functions of benefiting vital energy enriching the blood improving arrhythmia preventing and cure of hypertension coronary heart diseases cardio and cerebral vascular diseases and etc. Meanwhile it is a daily healthy drink with aroma and delicious sweet taste suitable for the middle-age and the old all the year round with the effect of promoting diuresis and eliminating constipation.


Ingredients: Gingko Leaves Kudzu Root Lotus Plumule and tea leaves.
Direction and Dosage: A sachet of the tea (1.4g) is soaked in 170ml of boiled water for 5 to10 minutes this can be done for several times in a row.

Specification: Box: 1.4g/teabag    20 teabags/box    60 boxes/carton

Measurement of carton: Box: 48.5 * 28.5 * 40.8 cm
Storage: Keeping in dry cool ventilative clean place with no peculiar smell and no good being exposed in the heavy sunshine.


Great Impression Brand Gingko Tea
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