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Great Impression Brand Wankan Barley Green

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Great Impression Brand Wankan Barley Green is a kind of health food with ample balanced absorbable nourishments. Experiments have proved that they have health protection functions of regulating lipids in the blood and resisting fatigue.


Health is the thing every people pursue. Many people have the same feeling that health taking precedence of wealth. Nowadays a variety of modern diseases are emerging speedily. For changing this trend many people do what they can to strengthen their constitution. One of the manners is to increase the ingestion of nourishment. It is a common understanding that no enough nourishment makes no health. Foods of high fat high protein and high heat are the main in the recipe of many families. Normally these foods are nourishing however the fact is that they make for more obese people and patients of hypertension arteriosclerosis diabetes. Whats wrong?


The body needs various balanced nourishments. It is only because of certain adjustability of the body when no harm occurs temporarily after eating such unbalanced foods overmuch. When the adjustability goes to the extreme some diseases will emerge inevitably. For that reason it is a way of health to keep obtaining balanced foods.


Great Impression Wankan Barley Green contains various natural vitamins which are the micro organic substances necessary for normal physiologic functions in human body and animals. The various abundant vitamins in Barley Green tablets are in proportion and absorbable.


The same as vitamins there are phenomena of interconnection and interaction within the mineral substances. Abundant in alkalescent mineral substances Great Impression Wankan Barley Green can provide mineral substances absorbable for the body with the combination of vitamins.


Great Impression Wankan Barley Green is also abundant in protein content which is the plant protein mainly. Generally plant protein is small molecule protein which is more absorbable than animal protein and contains no antibiotic.


Great Impression Wankan Barley Green is wonderful for health as it is abundant in the above-mentioned nourishments. Its prominent value places on the functions of boosting vigor and resisting fatigue. The natural protein microelements and vitamins contained can provide ample nourishments for the brain to replenish sufficient energy and make the brain keep balanced in a long movement. Simultaneously the alkalescent mineral substances contained can help balance the PH value of the body fluid so as to prevent it from maladjustment between the acid and alkali. Under the above-mentioned co-actions Great Impression Wankan Barley Green brings you to a state of vigorousness and shaking off fatigue.


In a word it is very beneficial to your health when taking Great Impression Wankan Barley Green according to the instructions along with other nourishment.


Main Ingredients: Extract of barley grass and dextrin.

Effective Compositions and Content: Per hundred grams contains Linolenic Acid&ge686mg Linoleic&ge882mg.

Health Protection Functions: Regulating lipids in blood and resisting fatigue.

Indications: Suitable for people suffering from hyperpiesia and being fatigable.

Contra-indication: Not suitable for children.

Direction and Dosage: Take 1.5g each time twice daily.

Specification: 0.3g/tablet    100 tablets/bottle    2 bottles /box    16 boxes/ carton

Measurement of carton: 31 * 24.5 * 22 cm

Storage: Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a cool dry and ventilated place.

Attention: This product cannot be replaced as medicine.

Great Impression Brand Wankan Barley Green
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