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Great Impression Brand Weight Reducing Tea (For Men)

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Great Impression Brand Weight Reducing Tea (for men) is meticulously made from materials of natural plants by scientific preparations. It sufficiently contains Total Saponins and Tea Polyphenols. The ingredients percentage of Great Impression Weight Reducing Tea (for men) is different from the Great Impression Weight Reducing Tea. Its recipe is specially for men. Experiments have proved that the tea has health protection functions of reducing weight decreasing blood lipid that can prevent acquired simple obesity (rich in nutrition) and keep the body vigorous and graceful.


Ingredients: Tea Leaves Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb Grosvenori Siraitia Sea-ear Shell Senna Leaf and Honeysuckle Flower etc.
Effective Compositions: Total Saponins Ąd 40% Tea Polyphenols Ąd 30%

Health Protection Functions: Reducing weight Regulating blood lipid

Indications: The people suffering from over-weight and high lipids in blood.

Contra-Indication: Not suitable for children and pregnant women.

Direction and Dosage: A sachet of the tea (1.4g) is soaked in 170ml of boiled water for 5 to10 minutes this can be done for 2 times in a row. At first it is most appropriate to drink before sleeping one sachet every evening in the first week each in the morning and evening from the second week and 45 days being the course of treatment.


Box: 1.4g/teabag    20 teabags/box    60 boxes/carton         

Can: 80g/can    24 cans/ carton         

Measurement of carton:

Box:   48.5 * 28.5 * 40.8 cm
Can:   47 * 31.8 * 19 cm

Storage: Keeping in dry cool ventilative clean place with no peculiar smell and no good being exposed in the heavy sunshine.

Attention: Moderately drink after getting the standard weight. This product cannot be replaced as medicine.

Great Impression Brand Weight Reducing Tea (For Men)
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