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Great Impression Brand Weight Reducing Tea

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Great Impression Brand Weight Reducing Tea is meticulously made by employing modern scientific preparations. It sufficiently contains Total Saponins and Tea Polyphenols. Experiments have proved that the tea has functions of reducing weight decreasing blood lipid preventing acquired simple obesity (rich in nutrition) and health protection and beauty to human body.


Great Impression Weight Reducing Tea is the outcome of the perfect combination of the Chinese tea culture the Chinese traditional medicines and the modern technology. The tea is made from quality tea leaves and such natural plants and Chinese traditional medicines as Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb Sea-ear Shell Grosvenori Siraitia Senna Pod Honeysuckle Flower etc.. Their combination evokes a harmonious complementary action between the ingredients of the formula. People can keeping slim generally by enjoy Great Impression Tea without anorexia nervelessness and diarrhea. It is according with the three principles of keeping slim in the international modern world. It inaugurates a new way of keeping slim in scientific and healthy way. It works very well to boost metabolism by its appropriate dosage proportioning without any anorectic ingredients.


The body trial by Guangdong Provincial Diseases Prevention & Control Center shows that Great Impression Weight Reducing Tea has the effects of reducing weight and regulating blood lipids. After taking the tea for 42 days continually the trial takers reduced their weight by 2.57kg and body fat by 3.04kg on the average. The athletic endurance is strengthened and no any abnormal phenomena occur on the blood indexes biochemical indexes or other clinical examination indexes and no any obvious infection appears against the body&rsquos health. The trial takers had normal appetite and no headache no dizziness no fatigue. The clinical observation by Medicinal Institute Shantou University finds that the efficiency of reducing weight reach 85 %. This effect owes to the natural ingredients and shows that it is tried and safe to take Great Impression Weight Reducing Tea.


Great Impression Weight Reducing Tea is prepared with natural ingredients. The Oolong tea leaves is picked in springtime and strictly selected through five working procedures. It releases fat-dispelling enzyme and many active factors and the compositions acting for reducing is under the perfect state after it is scientifically confected with the natural green plants. Under the normal diet it adjusts the fat metabolism in the human body overall and decelerates the fat composing to turn the solid fat into dissociative fat thus to reduce weight effectively by eliminating the unwanted fat under the subcutaneous tissue and in the bowels. Therefore it is only effective on acquired obesity caused by superfluous nutrition. Please do not stop taking the tea after gotten a satisfied figure because one will resume obese little by little when the nutrition becomes excess again and the fat re-accumulated due to few exercises and uncontrolled diet. Therefore it is most important to balance the ingestive fat after gotten a good figure simultaneously continuing to take Great Impression Weight Reducing Tea will ensure to keep your slim healthy figure.


Great Impression Weight Reducing Tea always persists in following the health theory of Three Carriages which refers to proper exercises diet and weight-reducing product initiating a conception of balanced reduction and a scientific proposition of having gotten a good figure keeping it is very important and establishing a lively and healthy image. As an excellent product it has won great trust and canonization from the society and opened a new canto of Green reducing.


Ingredients: Tea Leaves Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb Grosvenori Siraitia Sea-ear Shell Senna Leaf and Honeysuckle Flower etc.
Effective Compositions: Total Saponins Ąd 40% Tea Polyphenols Ąd 30%

Health Protection Functions: Reducing weight Regulating blood lipid

Indications: The people suffering from over-weight and high lipids in blood.

Contra-Indication: Not suitable for children and pregnant women.

Direction and Dosage: A sachet of the tea (1.4g) is soaked in 170ml of boiled water for 5 to10 minutes this can be done for 2 times in a row. At first it is most appropriate to drink before sleeping one sachet every evening in the first week each in the morning and evening from the second week and 45 days being the course of treatment.


Box: 1.4g/teabag   20 teabags/box   60 boxes/carton

Can: 80g/can   24 cans/ carton         

Measurement of carton:

Box:  48.5 * 28.5 * 40.8 cm
Can:  47 * 31.8 * 19 cm

Storage: Keeping in dry cool ventilative clean place with no peculiar smell and no good being exposed in the heavy sunshine.

Attention: Moderately drink after getting the standard weight. This product cannot be replaced as medicine.

Great Impression Brand Weight Reducing Tea
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