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Great Impression Brand Solar Garden Light

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During the day the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and recharges the battery at night the light turns on automatically with electricity stored during that day. The number of hours the light stays depends on your geographical location weather conditions and seasonal lighting availability.


Solar Garden Light is ideal for night lighting of garden lawn patio walks or where ever accent lighting is needed.


1. Solar Garden Light
2. Lamp Post
3. Base



Select a location with full direct and sunlight where it can receive full direct sunlight each day. Shadowed locations will not allow the battery to charge fully and will reduce the hours of nighttime lighting. The selected location should not near nighttime light sources such as porch lights or streetlights as these might make the Solar Garden Light turn off automatically.


(See Figure 1)
For best results before first use please charge the light for 6-8 hours in full direct sunlight and then place the switch in the ON position.

(See Figure 2)
Place the switch right in the ON position and left in the OFF position.

The rechargeable Ni-Cd battery can last at least one year. If the battery do not function properly any more please change the battery (rechargeable Ni-H battery AA 1.2V 800-1000 mAh)


(See Figure 3 remove the two screws and open the cover) 
If your Solar Garden Light does not turn on at night it may be caused by one of the following conditions:

1. Switch is in the OFF position.

2. Battery is not fully charged

A. Make sure the light is located in an area where the solar panel gets the maximum amount of full direct sunlight everyday.

B. If the weather is cloudy or overcast during the day the battery will not be recharged fully to operate properly at night. The light must receive direct sunlight everyday to fully charge the battery. If the solar panel does not receive enough sunlight during the day it will be recharged in the next sunny day and resume normal operation.

C. Other light sources. If your Solar Garden Light is located too close to streetlights porch lights or other lights the built-in light sensor reacts to the other light source which is like sunlight and will keep the light off. Please eliminate other light sources or relocate your Solar Garden Light.


1. Keep snow and debris cleaned off the solar panel so the battery can recharge.
2. If it is going to snow turn the switch to the OFF position.
3. After the snow melts charge the light for 6 hours in full direct sunlight for the battery to their full capacity. Then place the switch in the ON position.


Operating time: stay lit up to 8 hours
Battery: rechargeable Ni-Cd battery (1000mAh 1.2V)
Light source: extra bright LED lamp

Great Impression Brand Solar Garden Light
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