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Royal and Valued QIANLONG YUJIU

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Qianlong Yujiu is entitled to be the authentic liquor for the use of the Qing Imperial Court. Legend has it that the recipe had been around the folk in the early Qing dynasty. In the 11th year of Emperor Yongzheng&rsquos reign in the Qing Dynasty once Emperor Yongzheng going on a western tour of inspection he arrived in Shanxi province and found the wine recipe by accident. Immediately he collected and treated it as a treasure. When he returned to Beijing he issued to brew the wine for his own use. For its legend it has been mentioned and described in texts from the Qing dynasty.


During the Qianlong period of the Qing dynasty when Emperor Qianlong tasted it he realized the value of the wine and highly appreciated the drink moreover excitedly writing: “What a brew! So perfect!” For much rich in nutritious and favorable of health it was dubbed an immortal of wine and named after the Age of Qianlong accordingly. At some banquets or grand ceremonies it was also the sole designated wine to award to Emperor Qianlong&rsquos princes and ministers. Afterwards owing to frequent coup the wine was no longer to be served.


For long time the centuries-old authentic formula of Qianlong Yujiu was treasured up in Qing Imperial Household Department. It had not been revealed since foundation of the People&rsquos Republic of China. And now Shantou Great Impression Brewery Co. Ltd. has obtained its authorization from the collector of the formula-the first Historical Archives of China and has succeeded in combining the traditional art of liquor-making with modern scientific brewing technology to make an excellent wine.


Chinese Ding Culture and Qianlong Yujiu

The Origin of Ding

The legend of the founding of China&rsquos first dynasty demonstrates the importance of ding (bronze vessel) to the ancient Chinese. There is a symbolic design used in Chinese sacrificial bronzes vessels. After King Yu of the Xia Dynasty brought the primordial floods under control he divided his land into nine provinces which were Jizhou Yanzhou Qingzhou Xuzhou Yangzhou Jingzhou Yuzhou Liangzhou Yongzhou and had nine sacrificial dings cast to represent them. The dings were cast large quantities of products and animals that were elegant in form finely decorated. The “nine ding” also called the “Auspicious Bronzes of the State”

The Symbol of Ding

Rulers used bronze cauldrons,cups,drinking vessles and other containers to present offerings of food and wine to royal ancestors and deities. Possession of Ding thus became a symbol for the holding of power, prestige and wealth. In this way,they reaffirmed their hereditary rights to power and attempted to persuade the ancestors to influence events favorably. Until the Spring and Autumn period, Ding had categorized into five main types, based on quantity: nine ding, seven ding, five ding, three ding, one ding. There were strict rules about how many an individual could have. Kings were allowed as many as nine, princes as seven, ministers as five and officials as three or one.



Main Ingredients: medicinal herbs with rack milk honey vinegar ginger butter wheat power well water high-grade Kaoliang spirit lotus nuts chrysanthemum rock candy and etc.

Health Protection Functions: Qianlong Yujiu China&rsquos Imperial Wine has a distinctively full-bodied flavor and an impressively refreshing aftertaste.

Contra-indication: Not suitable for children pregnant women liver sufferers and hypersensitivity from alcohol.

Gradation & Preservation Time & Package Style:

One Ding:  1-2 years   white color porcelain

Three Ding:  3-4 years    deep green color porcelain

Five Ding:  5-6 years    gem blue color porcelain

Sever Ding:  7-8 years    red color porcelain

Nine Ding:  9-10 years    golden color porcelain

1/3/5/7/9 Ding:  38°  250ml/bottle   12bottles/carton    (gross weight approx.: 9.58kg/carton)
1/3/5/7/9 Ding:  38°  500ml/bottle   12bottles/carton    (gross weight approx.: 10.66kg/carton)
1/3/5/7/9 Ding:  38°  700ml/bottle   12bottles/carton    (gross weight approx.: 12.27kg/carton)
Measurement of carton:
1/3/5/7/9 Ding:  250ml:  38.8 * 26.2 * 27.3 cm
1/3/5/7/9 Ding:  500ml:  46.6 * 34.8 * 24.5 cm
1/3/5/7/9 Ding:  700ml:  41 * 27.5 * 29cm

Storage: Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a cool dry and clean place.

Royal and Valued QIANLONG YUJIU
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